Maintenance Leader IV

Foundedin 1891, Stanford University is among the top academic institutions in thecountry, excelling in a wide range of fields from the humanities to informationtechnology to the health sciences and medicine. The university is located nearPalo Alto, 35 miles south of San Francisco, on an 8,800-acre campus.
Residential& Dining Enterprises (R&DE), the largest auxiliary organization atStanford University, supports the academic mission of the University by providingthe highest quality services to students and other members of the universitycommunity. The Department has an annual operating budget of over $270 million,oversees a 5 million sq. ft. physical plant across the campus, and provides housingfor over 13,000 students and dependents, serves over 18,000 daily meals at 30 diningand retail locations and over 300,000 meals at Athletic Concessions events, andhosts 20,000 conference guests annually. Additionally, R&DE comprises 735FTE staff in the following divisions: the Office of the Senior Associate ViceProvost, Student Housing, Stanford Dining, Stanford Hospitality &Auxiliaries, Stanford Conferences, and a team of R&DE strategic businesspartners: Finance & Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology and Communications.
"Students (Customers) First" is the mantra of R&DE andour strategic goals reflect our commitment to delivering quality and excellenceto our constituents every day. In R&DE, "Excellence is definedby aligning our strategic goals and performance with our vision."
Leads and directs other workers inperforming repairs and maintenance tasks. Receives instructions, supervision and work specifications from shopmanager.
Assignsand explains tasks to employees. Motivates employees to meet quality and quantity standards. Assists supervisor or worker involvingtask-related problems inspects the work of employees for conformance withspecifications and quality. Reinforcessafety rules and promotes a smooth flow of work by assisting and advisingsupervisor in maintaining work schedules and completion, worker progress andwork problems.
Estimatejobs, determine job scope, and prioritize accordingly.
Plan,schedule, and issue work orders effectively.
Assist supervisors or employees in solving task-relatedissues.
Explainjob tasks in a way that motivates employees to meet quality and quantitystandards.
Inspectswork orders and jobs for conformity with Shop standards and customer requests.
Workswith management to ensure safe work practices and environment.
Refrigeration, Commercial Food, ServiceAppliances, Plumbing and HVAC:
Undergeneral supervision, performs journey level refrigeration, commercial foodservice appliance repair pluming and HVAC work.
Thiswork includes the design, installation, maintenance, operation and repair ofHousing and Dining Department domestic and commercial appliances, heatingsystems of all types, plumbing fixtures of all types, general plumbing controlsand systems, and HVAC equipment.
Responsiblefor the installation of various plumbing, electrical, and HVAC equipment whichhe/she ensures are in compliance with all UPC, NEC, OSHA and manufacturer'srequirements, standards and codes.
Ensurescompliance with OSHA and manufacture's requirements, standards, and codes.
Exhibitsthe knowledge and ability to work with various materials found in the workplace.
Exhibitsthe ability to work independently and with little supervision.
Exhibitsthe ability to read and follow blueprints.
Appropriatelyfollows oral and written directions.
Allwork is conducted to ensure high quality workmanship and equipment is servicedto industry standards.
Correctlyinspects and troubleshoots systems for malfunctions.
Safelyand effectively performs start up and shut down of building systems.
Laysout work appropriately.
Ordersmaterials in a timely way, to avoid work order delays / rescheduling.
Followsappropriate protocol to keep all tools, equipment and keys secure at all times.
Checks,maintains, repairs and installs all refrigeration equipment. Repairs or replaces evaporators, condensingunits and compressors. Trouble shootsequipment to find malfunctioning components. Safely shuts down building systems and makes repairs to equipment.Evacuates and recharges units with refrigeration chemicals, checks forleaks. Performs arc and acetylenewelding and brazing.
Cuts,bends, solders, threads and assembles pipes and fittings.
Checksand makes repairs on domestic and commercial refrigeration equipment.
Exhibitsjourney level knowledge and skills in refrigeration.
Maintainsand repairs all aspects of refrigeration equipment
Exhibitsthe ability to trouble shoot and correct refrigeration equipment.
Exhibitsjourney level knowledge and skills in fabrication and welding all commercialdining equipment.
Commercial Appliances
Checks,maintains and makes repairs on domestic or commercial kitchen appliances suchas, but not limited to freezers, ranges, flat top grills, ovens, disposals,mixers, ice makers, ice
Creammachines, drinking fountains, dish machines and drinking fountains.
Turns systems off safely and make repairsas needed such as cleans, treats and repairs sanitary and drainage systems withhand and power tools. Replacesappliances and related systems. Repairsor replaces pipes and fittings for water and sanitary lines. Installs sinks, garbage disposals and allrelated commercial food service equipment.
Exhibitsjourney level knowledge and skills in Commercial appliance repair.
Maintainsand repairs all aspects of refrigeration equipment.
Exhibitsthe ability to trouble shoot and correct refrigeration equipment.
Exhibitsjourney level knowledge and skill in metal fabrication for all commercialappliances
Work includes any plumbing function asdescribed in the Uniform Plumbing Code and Uniform Mechanical code. Work is done on pipes of various sizes andmaterials, such as brass, steel, cast iron, copper, glass, and plastic.
Installs, maintains, and repairs domestichot and cold water systems, including heating systems, boilers, hot watertanks, heat exchangers, radiators, valves, and pumps. May install and maintain chilled watersystems and related equipment, including pumps, valves, regulators, coils, andstrainers.
Installs, maintains, and repairs all typesof plumbing fixtures and supply lines such as faucets, sinks, bathtubs,toilets, water heaters, and garbage disposals.
Inspectsplumbing systems for malfunctions. Turnssystems off safelyand makes repairs as needed.
Exhibitsthe ability to trouble shoot and correct plumbing systems and gas supply lines.
Exhibitsthe ability to install and maintain plumbing equipment, fixtures andappliances.
Exhibitsthe ability to install and maintain sanitary waste lines, drains, and stormdrain systems.
Installsand repairs gas lines and related equipment.
Cuts,bends, solders, threads, and assembles pipe and fittings. Joins pipe by using flanges, fittings solder,glue, or welding.
Installs,cleans, maintains, and repairs sanitary waste lines and storm drainage systems,using hard or power tools.
ElectricalRepair and Maintenance
Exhibitssome knowledge in basic electrical repair and maintenance.
Allrepairs and replacements are conducted to ensure high quality workmanship andall electrical systems are serviced to industry standards.
Completesall PM&I tasks as assigned and within the given time line.
Performsmulti-trade repair and maintenance duties as assigned.
Whendirected, responds to requests for repair and maintenance outside of normalwork tasks.
Maintainselectronic work orders assigned through PDA device.
Notifiessupervisor when follow up work is necessary or additional resources arerequired.
Provides high quality workmanship in tasksperformed.
2. PositionPerformance Characteristics
Output/Quality: Responsible for meeting time and volumerequirements in an accurate, reliable and professional manner. Produce high-quality work that meetsestablished standards and assures the efficient use of resources.
WorkHabits: Reports to work in a timelymanner as scheduled. Exercise care inuse of equipment, material, and capitol assets. Complies with all safety protocols and procedures including as required. Demonstrates the ability to complete assignedtasks, meets deadlines, thinks and acts effectively and responds to changes inprocedures, processes, responsibilities, and assignments in a positive manner.
CommunicationSkills/Interpersonal Skills: Communicates verbally and/or in writing efficiently with a variety ofother people as necessary. Acts as aneffective team player. Participates inmaintaining a positive and productive work environment.
Initiativeand Execution: Demonstrates theability to originate constructive and appropriate action to achieve desiredresults. Provide follow-through actionto achieve desired results in a timely manner.
CustomerService: Maintain a positive serviceattitude and approach to students, faculty, staff and visitors to theUniversity. Performs assigned duties insuch a way to contribute to internal/external customer satisfaction andconfidence in the services provided.
Level of responsibility, including themethod and frequency with which the work is reviewed, checked, supervised, orpriorities set:
Responsible for safe work habits andidentification and reporting of unsafe conditions as required by law.
Priorities are determined by theSupervisor. However, at times, theworker may determine sequence in which work is undertaken. Once assigned, the worker determines workmethods and procedures, or with concurrence of Supervisor. Supervisor checks work during process or whencompleted.
Functional relationship to other workersand users of the product or service involved:
Maintain harmonious relations withco-workers, residents and other staff members.
Responsibility, if any, for planning,scheduling, assigning or overseeing the work of others:
Is responsible for keeping buildings andequipment up to Stanford's standards. Directs other workers in situations calling for additional help.
Special skills, knowledge, ortraining required, including tools or equipment used:
Journey level skill with plasma cutter, migwelder, and arc welder.
Valid California driver's license. Knowledge of all building codes in his/hertrade. Might be called on to help in other trades.
Capable of learning and applying safe workpractices and procedures, including but not limited to: Class III asbestos work, proper use and careof respirators, hazardous waste management and handling, lockout tag outprocedures, Injury and Illness Prevention Program, Confined Space procedures,CPR, and chemical safe practices.
Unusualworking conditions.
Wears respirator and other protective safety equipment andclothing as needed. Must be able to liftheavy materials frequently each day. Works in all type of weather. Able to climb on roofs or crawl under buildings. Responds to emergency calls at night or on weekends. Willing to work variable shifts at nights orweekends.

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