Front End Developer

Company Name:
Job description:
Design, implement, and manage web-based applications, databases, and interfaces from initial design and architecture through development, test, and deployment.
Perform web platform analytics; identify and work in collaboration with development team to resolve strategic and university-wide problems.
Develop and deploy web applications and client-side web interface components that interact with relational database management systems that integrate with Stanford's web, authentication, and authorization infrastructure.
Evaluate and implement new programming languages and technologies. Provide life-cycle management for software and code.
Design and document data structures, architecture, and process flows for websites, web-based applications, and databases.
Mentor, oversee, and check the work of other staff on technical matters. Conduct security reviews of applications written by other developers.
Research, evaluate, and enforce web standards for usability and accessibility. Develop and enforce Stanford programming and application design standards.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Demonstrated significant experience developing for web content management systems.
Demonstrated significant experience in developing websites and web applications using open source tools, languages, libraries, and current standards-compliant code.
Ability to hand code HTML.
Demonstrated ability to write, compile, test, debug, and deploy software on UNIX-like platforms and web servers.
Knowledge of web analytics tools and related analyses.
Ability to design and manage relational databases.
Ability to design and implement web services.
Ability to interact positively with and build consensus among a diverse group of colleagues, clients, and senior leadership.
Ability to understand and manage greater web environment.
Ability to design and integrate complex web enterprise systems.
Familiarity with browser devices and platform differences and idiosyncrasies, and ability to develop workarounds to accommodate specialized user/client needs and device platforms.

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